– 2018/181 – more macrame

You know the saying...  When it rains, it pours? Yeah.. that... for months I wondered aimlessly trying to get things started and not really knowing what to do and then when I decided to go back to college (albeit part time) bang!!  I get asked for commission quilts and macrame hangers and friends want to… Continue reading – 2018/181 – more macrame

– 2018/90 – macrame lampshade (part 1)

My love of macrame doesn't seem to fade... as a matter of fact it's possibly getting deeper... There are already four wallhangings of various sizes and colours hidden around the house and before things get out of hands on this front I thought better than starting another one. Bring on the 'lampshade'.  We've had to re-do… Continue reading – 2018/90 – macrame lampshade (part 1)

– 2018/77 – macrame hanging planter

... my obsession with macrame continues... I've ordered lots of coloured rope but in the meantime I need to make do with what I have... it's quite incredible how much rope/cord it takes to do anything... metres and metres of the stuff. Sunday afternoon, after a stupidly early morning hockey tournament and a consequently unavoidable… Continue reading – 2018/77 – macrame hanging planter

– 2018/57 – macrame wallhanging 2

I'm still knotting.  There's something meditative in the repetition of the movements, in the soft feel of the rope through the fingers that is quite addictive, in seeing the pattern develop slowly in front of you. I've bought a cheap adjustable clothes rail and some very scary butchers' hooks and the whole set up is… Continue reading – 2018/57 – macrame wallhanging 2