It’s half term around here and yesterday was one of those days that found us, unusually, all at home at the same time, all busy in our own way but together under one roof and it felt really nice.  As the boys grew and we’re beginning to think about university or gap years and when there’s another car in the driveway and independence loom closer, I ‘m starting to values these moments more and more.  I totally didn’t appreciate how hard it must have been for my parents when me and my siblings left… I just couldn’t wait, not because I didn’t like my family life, but just because the world was calling me so loudly I needed to go… I don’t think I even give a small backward glance and I feel really bad about it!

The house had a good atmosphere and I swear even the dog barked less.   I managed to annihilate the biggest ironing pile known to mothers of three boys helped in the feat by two episodes of The Crown.  Sigh… am I the last person on earth to watch that programme?  Why didn’t you tell me before?

Anyway I also helped No 1 child to adapt a Jedi robe into a medieval monk habit for his A’ level photography project, did four sets of washing (I now have another pile of ironing to do, obviously), cooked a delicious-that-everybody-ate curry (thank you Bill Granger, your butter chicken recipe is da bomb)… and made a macrame hanging planter.

Why is it that we are most productive on our busiest days?  And sometimes I have no plans or duties ahead of me whatsoever and achieve absolutely nothing…  Very odd.

I used the dreamiest mustard colour cotton cord and kept it very simple.


… and then I remembered I had some big wooden beads stashed away somewhere… took awhile to find which box but I think they fit just right, just a little bit boho, a little bit rock n roll…IMG_3787

I need to place the plant in a pot without holes on the bottom though… guess how I discovered that…



I also hang it from the ceiling by myself although people who shall not be named are taking bets on how long it’ll stay…

… wait till I macrame that swing I have in mind… or maybe not!



One thought on “– 2018/99 – macrame plant hanger no 2

  1. driftwood says:

    I feel my teenage boy may not be taking his A level photography so seriously. there has been no demand for monk costumes….
    love that plant hanger x


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