… my obsession with macrame continues… I’ve ordered lots of coloured rope but in the meantime I need to make do with what I have… it’s quite incredible how much rope/cord it takes to do anything… metres and metres of the stuff.

Sunday afternoon, after a stupidly early morning hockey tournament and a consequently unavoidable nap, I made a hanging planter… which was raised eyeballs in the house and caused much head shaking but hey… why not?

(these are double square knots.  I love them)


It’s quite a tall/long hanging planter… I wish they had put finished measure in the pattern because I might have shortened it a tad…


It’s really simple in its constructions and given I’ve just ordered two more hanging plants I can easily customise the design for the next ones…


also I need to practice my basic knots… quite hard to make a smooth knot when you have 16 pieces of cord to wrangle.


… happy Tuesday, keep out of the rain…


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