– 2018/197 – poetry Monday

Ode (by Arthur O’Shaughnessy) We are the music-makers,And we are the dreamers of dreams,Wandering by lone sea-breakersAnd sitting by desolate streams;World losers and world forsakers,On whom the pale moon gleams:Yet we are the movers and shakersOf the world for ever, it seems. With wonderful deathless dittiesWe build up the world’s great cities.And out of a […]

– 2018/192 – music Friday

… and breath… inhale tomorrow…. exhale yesterday… …this motherhood stuff sure is complicated sometimes…   If you try to protect them… you’re a fun-sponge, if you let them be… you’re ignoring them.  You need to be ‘there’ but not ‘there there’.  It’s high diplomacy, iron fist in velvet glove, it’s heart breaking and life affirming […]