I feel totally restless at the moment… cabin feverish too. My hands are itching to make things but I lack the inspiration and the focus for anything and it’s driving me insane.

My studio is a mess because I’m not happy how the space is working… I need to make a corner for studying and I might paint the wall but I’m not sure what to move and where… it’s tricky. Or maybe not. I’m deifinitively over thinking the whole thing.

So I made a trivet, because who doesn’t need trivets, right? AND I taught myself a few things along the way which helped the brain staying sane.

Instructions come from this book:

… which is fab and modern and makes you want to knot all day long.

I used a 6″ wooden embroidery hoop (half… who knows where the other half has gone) and, get ready for this 22 feet of rope. YUP, twenty two feet… macrame eats rope like my kids eat Nutella. Greedily.

I think it’s worth it. It keeps the brain engaged and focussed, and the result is ever so pretty all the time.

And useful.

Part of the reason why I’m struggling at the moment is that I don’t need anything and it seems silly to carry on making things just for the sake of it… equally ‘the sake of it’ is the fun bit and I’m back full circle at the beginning.


Ignore me. I just need sun and warmth and then I’ll be fine…

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