*132* the moon and the library

That sounds like the title of a book, doesn't it? It isn't, it's only a telegraphic account of my Saturday adventures when together with my parents, I visited Gloucester Cathedral - always a pleasure btw - such an incredible building... ... best cloisters in the world... I was really curious to see the moon installation… Continue reading *132* the moon and the library

*49* day out – Chastleton House

For the first time in ages, and I mean... months, yesterday we had a free Saturday; no sport commitment, no school events, no family duties. Nothing. And the sun was shining. I promised you it felt like we were on holiday! 'The big boys' were on a hockey tournament miles and miles away, Mr took… Continue reading *49* day out – Chastleton House

*39* music Friday

International Women's day. March 8th. Its story is fascinating, and I suggest you read it here. The UN began celebrating the International Day in 1975, which was designated International Women's Year. Over the decades it has morphed from recognizing the achievements of women to becoming a rallying point to build support for women's rights and participation,… Continue reading *39* music Friday

– 2018/128 – postcards from Paris

This morning we left history and art and turned our attention to science instead, mainly to appease the 'tween' who has 'no interest in paintings'.  At all. Science museum then. We decided to hop in a taxi to travel overground rather than underground in the metro... it was interesting to realise how big Paris actually… Continue reading – 2018/128 – postcards from Paris

– 2018/94 – an afternoon with the Stones…

Believe it or not, Mr M had never seen Stonehenge before Sunday despite living all his life less than two hours away... that had to be remedied. The boys were busy (and had already been anyway) so we had an impromptu date and drove through the glorious sunny British countryside, yellow fields, not a cloud… Continue reading – 2018/94 – an afternoon with the Stones…