– 2018/58 – ‘Martina Cardigan’

This fresh off the needle little gem is the Martina Cardigan by 'We are knitters', and you can find the kit here.  It comes complete with instructions, gorgeous wool and optional knitting needles.  (btw I knitted a size S). With easy to follow instructions and clever construction, this is a great project for adventurous beginners… Continue reading – 2018/58 – ‘Martina Cardigan’

– 2018/35 – knitting inspiration

So... I still haven't been skiing.  I was going to try today.. but the weather is absolutely awful (or beautiful... because let's face it, watching the snow falling on dark pine trees is pretty beautiful, right?) and it's snowing quite heavily and I don't think that poor visibility, snow drifts and unknown pistes are a… Continue reading – 2018/35 – knitting inspiration