– 2018/173 – postcards from the Seychelles

  Another day… more of the same.  I’m not complaining. Exploring with Mr M. I swear this has been put up purely to create a photo opportunity.  It’s pretty but not very comfortable. We went snorkelling.  Bonkers.  The reef/coral situation wasn’t good, apparently ‘El Nino’ destroyed most of it a few years back and yes, […]

– 2018/129 – postcards from Paris

Breakfast… Tuileries Gardens and amusement park with big the wheel and unforgettable views Le Louvre Musee d’Orsay Tour Eiffel Sacre Coeur After lunch: Pere Lachaise Cemetery (Oscar Wild was also buried there, but his tomb was covered in plexiglass because people kept leaving messages/graffity etc. so hard to take a decent pic) Atelier du Lumières, […]