^^9/2020^^ postcards from Oman

We're home. It's been relentless since we've been back, for me anyway. The mountain of washing is almost demolished although the ironing pile has correspondingly increased in size, so really I feel like I've made no progress at all. To top it all we've had social engagements to attend, there has been a return journey… Continue reading ^^9/2020^^ postcards from Oman

^^8/2020^^ postcards from Oman

The day started with a beautiful, peaceful sunrise on the beach And then we got an email from British Airways saying that, for security reasons, our flight was delayed till further notice and, please, it would have been better if we didn't even go to the airport yet. We then found out that our flight,… Continue reading ^^8/2020^^ postcards from Oman

^^7/2020^^ postcards from Oman

Today I went flying. And it was amazing. And a little terrifying. But mainly amazing. I blame it on the boys that jumped off a mountain... Silly boys. ...this is my baby. My fearless baby... ... that one up there is my husband... you'll be glad to hear that he made it safely back down...… Continue reading ^^7/2020^^ postcards from Oman

*132* the moon and the library

That sounds like the title of a book, doesn't it? It isn't, it's only a telegraphic account of my Saturday adventures when together with my parents, I visited Gloucester Cathedral - always a pleasure btw - such an incredible building... ... best cloisters in the world... I was really curious to see the moon installation… Continue reading *132* the moon and the library