^^13/2020^^ The Franchise Affair (Josephine Tey)

What a delightful read this was. Robert Blair is a lawyer in a small town, whose biggest worry is that he's getting tired of 'the inevitability of the biscuit routine: the placid certainty that it would be digestive von a Thursday and petit-beurre on a Monday. [...] ... once or twice lately an odd, alien… Continue reading ^^13/2020^^ The Franchise Affair (Josephine Tey)

*136* Novacene (James Lovelock)

I am not really sure of what made me buy this book. The cover is beautiful, yes, but I'm not that shallow. It just 'called me' and I simply answered. I was intrigued by the byline 'the coming of age of hyperintelligence', I've been struggling how to make sense of getting older, of the meaning… Continue reading *136* Novacene (James Lovelock)

*129* poetry on Saturday

Breaking all my rules here, which is always a liberating thing to do, and writing about poetry on a Saturday... The Cheltenham Festival of Literature is still on and today I attended a poetry event: Anthony Anaxagorou... absolutely brilliant. There is a really good article about his latest collection 'After the Formalities' here. He read… Continue reading *129* poetry on Saturday