“the art of knotting string in patterns”

I’ve been admiring all the gorgeous macrame wallhanging for a while now trying to decide if they are cool or too bohemian or too vintage looking..  and I decided on cool.   When Mr M and I had some time in Palm Springs, a year or so ago, one wall of the hotel was covered in macrame owls and whilst the jury is still out on the whole ‘owl’ thing… I am fully on the the wall hanging/table running/bag bandwagon.

So I got myself a book:


and string… a LOT of string…  (you should have seen the look on my kids’ faces… WTH mum??)

So anyway, I had a piece of dowel left from the quilt hanging and decided to give it a go yesterday afternoon as an alternative to ironing school shirts; do you blame me?

First I had to cut 16 x 3.5m pieces of rope.  Strangely satisfying.

Then I mounted them onto the dowel using a reverse lark head knot …


… and then I used all my brain power to memorise the square knot…


… and I was away…


… happily knotting away the time till the boys’ bus got back…


Once your finger have memorised the moves it’s quite a meditative experience… It’s not perfect and I can see a couple of mistakes in the piece above that need to be fixed… but it’s so much fun!  I can’t wait to learn the next move…

Just don’t expect owls anytime soon.

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