… and just like that, one knot at a time, it’s finished.

Well done me.

I love it.  I need more knotting in my life.

But first the knitty gritty (I sooooo wanted to say the knotty grotty….)… the pattern and instructions are from this book:


Absolutely brilliant.  Easy diagrams and clear photos… I had no trouble at all following it.  AND there are lots of really cool projects. See more here.

I used this type of cord.  From Amazon.  Don’t know if it’s the best thing to use but it worked pretty well and wasn’t too expensive.  I think this was 5mm thick, cotton rope.


This is during…IMG_0984

and this is the bottom part… pre fringe…


… and after fringe… once the rope has been unravelled…


Ta dah…


I think the hardest part is cutting the fringe level!  I ran into serious risk of going too short!

Such a satisfying little project.  I’m thinking is too white white… maybe it could benefit from a dunk into the indigo vat once the weather warms up … we’ll see.



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