My love of macrame doesn’t seem to fade… as a matter of fact it’s possibly getting deeper… There are already four wallhangings of various sizes and colours hidden around the house and before things get out of hands on this front I thought better than starting another one.

Bring on the ‘lampshade’.  We’ve had to re-do the conservatory because a nasty bug killed off all the orchids and other plants so now instead of a Victorian/Miss Havisham look we’re going to go for a cactus/coachella/70s groove.  Bring on the macrame!

There is big table lamp in there with a big dull brass base and a far too neutral shade so I bought a cheap one and removed the fabric and all the bits to strip it down to the frame.


I know you’re wondering why I didn’t de-construct the old one… I wouldn’t have been able to us it because I needed one with a proper frame in order to support the rope.  The metal vertical bars, which the old one didn’t have,  got covered in columns of square knots.


And then it was time to fill the space.  There was a bit of faffing about and not cutting ropes long enough and running out half way and having to un-do it all which made someone slightly grumpy… but I’m delighted about how it’s coming on…


I’m alternating the design of the panels to add visual interest… actually that’s rubbish: I’m doing it because I get bored easily.  AND YES I’m aware that there is glaring mistake in the central panel but it’s easily fixed and it will be fixed later after I cooked dinner for tonight and made about three trips to the dump.  I’m determined to make a dent in the mess that is the garage.


Why me?  In the age of equality I can’t even moan it’s a man’s job… sometimes life bites you in the butt.



3 thoughts on “– 2018/90 – macrame lampshade (part 1)

  1. Shirley says:

    That is just awesome and it is not yet complete! Please show it once completed and on the lamp base. Just WOW!


  2. Lauren Hauser says:

    Do you mind if I ask you were you got the pattern please? Thanks so much!


    1. HI Lauren, I didn’t follow a pattern… I made it up myself! it’s easy, try!!


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