You know the saying…  When it rains, it pours?

Yeah.. that… for months I wondered aimlessly trying to get things started and not really knowing what to do and then when I decided to go back to college (albeit part time) bang!!  I get asked for commission quilts and macrame hangers and friends want to start book clubs together and life goes crazy.  And I love my studying… really love it.

I’m not complaining at all, don’t take this as a complaining post… it’s just… well, life is unpredictable right?  And it’s good, I like it like that. Even if at times my brain feels like it’s about to explode.

Incidentally, do you know where that expression comes from? From a ‘salt’ ad back in 1911.  The Morton Salt Company had developed a new technology that stopped salt from caking during humid conditions… (they reduced the grain size and added magnesium carbonate for you geeks out there), and it’s gives a positive spin on the old saying ‘it never rains but it pours’ which has a negative connotation.  Anyway, end of your lesson for today, I hoped you took notes.

Back to macrame plant hangers… Folia Planting a gorgeous and stylish new shop opened in town and Louisa has asked me for a repeat order of these..


Don’t you just love these colours together?


I need a crochet scarf in these colours… or a big blanket…


I find macrame a really calm and meditative activity… I don’t listen to music, or podcasts… just silence (a rare commodity around in a house full of teenagers with different music tastes) and knots…


And very tactile too.  Don’t ever underestimate the ‘mental’ value of making things by hand.


On a different subject… I’ve had a delicious bowl of porridge with bananas and pecans for breakfast, the boys have finally gone back to school, dinner is in the slow cooker and I’m about to see a friend I haven’t seen for ages.

Go me.


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