– 2018/192 – music Friday

... and breath... inhale tomorrow.... exhale yesterday... ...this motherhood stuff sure is complicated sometimes...   If you try to protect them... you're a fun-sponge, if you let them be... you're ignoring them.  You need to be 'there' but not 'there there'.  It's high diplomacy, iron fist in velvet glove, it's heart breaking and life affirming… Continue reading – 2018/192 – music Friday

– 2018/191 – random Thursday

Is it me or it's absolutely freezing out there? Today is one of those days I wished I had a rewind button, to start over, to shout a little less (although if you could see No 3's bedroom you would actually give me a medal for my restrain... but still) and smile a little more...… Continue reading – 2018/191 – random Thursday

– 2018/149 – 24hrs in London

Me and the boys took ourselves to the big smoke on Thursday morning; we had finally managed to get an appointment at the Italian Consulate for their passports and we thought we tagged along a visit to the Tate Modern and a mooch about. The weather was glorious and we had a blast.  We caught… Continue reading – 2018/149 – 24hrs in London

– 2018/65 – postcards from Palm Springs, Ca

Another couple of things ticked off my list of things to do in Palm Springs: first up the obligatory drive by Frank Sinatra's house (he's buried in PS... that trip will have to wait till next time) the gate was open and I was going to have a little peak inside (the pool you can… Continue reading – 2018/65 – postcards from Palm Springs, Ca