^^8/2020^^ postcards from Oman

The day started with a beautiful, peaceful sunrise on the beach And then we got an email from British Airways saying that, for security reasons, our flight was delayed till further notice and, please, it would have been better if we didn't even go to the airport yet. We then found out that our flight,… Continue reading ^^8/2020^^ postcards from Oman

^^7/2020^^ postcards from Oman

Today I went flying. And it was amazing. And a little terrifying. But mainly amazing. I blame it on the boys that jumped off a mountain... Silly boys. ...this is my baby. My fearless baby... ... that one up there is my husband... you'll be glad to hear that he made it safely back down...… Continue reading ^^7/2020^^ postcards from Oman

*136* Novacene (James Lovelock)

I am not really sure of what made me buy this book. The cover is beautiful, yes, but I'm not that shallow. It just 'called me' and I simply answered. I was intrigued by the byline 'the coming of age of hyperintelligence', I've been struggling how to make sense of getting older, of the meaning… Continue reading *136* Novacene (James Lovelock)

*117* postcards from Japan, Kyoto (part 2)

More Kyoto. More temples. Frankly, it's all about them... oh and the geisha too... So after the Fushimi Inari shrine/amazing red torii gate experience we headed back to the hotel for breakfast and then out again for more: first up this one, dedicated it seems to a while boar. No English description (and why should… Continue reading *117* postcards from Japan, Kyoto (part 2)

*116* postcards from Japan, Kyoto (part 1)

Kyoto is magical. President Truman, when choosing a target for the first atomic bomb discarded Kyoto because he'd spent his honeymoon there and loved it so much. It was for century the old capital of Japan (before to move to Tokyo a couple of century ago. It houses 1700 temples and shrines. It will capture… Continue reading *116* postcards from Japan, Kyoto (part 1)