– 2018/201 – wreath making, again

"Oops she did again..." Last night I had a gorgeous night in the company of lovely women making Christmas Wreaths.  Yeah I know... you just can't have too many, I don't care what you say. There green branches everywhere... First we had a lesson, which made me realise that the old 'glue gun manoeuvre' is… Continue reading – 2018/201 – wreath making, again

– 2018/181 – more macrame

You know the saying...  When it rains, it pours? Yeah.. that... for months I wondered aimlessly trying to get things started and not really knowing what to do and then when I decided to go back to college (albeit part time) bang!!  I get asked for commission quilts and macrame hangers and friends want to… Continue reading – 2018/181 – more macrame