I don’t know why I do this to myself… but the moment the calendar gets busier, the to do lists longer… my brain tricks me into thinking that I can do MORE and I can MAKE things…

Yeah right.

I should be laying in the bath in the dark with only a candle and some whale music… never mind making Christmas wreath that nobody notices pro appreciates. (Fact)

Anyway, I had started making this a few weeks ago during five minutes of optimistic calendar gazing and yesterday I forced myself to finish it. Go me.

A piece of wire, some plastic balls from IKEA and there you have it.

Hardly rocket science but fun and effective.

The door looks festive and everybody’s happy aside probably from Mr M who, for you that don’t know, the inspiration for Dickens famous Christmas hating character Scrooge.

As I’m typing I’m anxiously waiting for the Christmas tree to be delivered… THEN the fun can begin…

One thought on “*148* Christmas wreath

  1. ClickyNeedles says:

    Beautiful wreath, well done.


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