My cousin has the most gorgeous baby daughter. Seriously ovary-twitching cute. She’s soooo cute as a matter of fact that I made her a 2nd quilt and she’s not even one.

I was asked to make more of a floor mat than a quilt, really thick and insulated for winter playing on hard floors.

The fabric was all from the stash apart from the back and the batting.

I keep making quilts out of the stash and I swear the fabric reproduces itself in the night. I can’t remember last time I bought any. Weird. AND in my post Japan frenzy I gave away three bin liners full…. so really I don’t know what’s going on.

I machine stitched the binding (made out of the same colour of the reverse fabric) for added strength. Quite a feat with the thick wadding, let me tell you… it’s synthetic super insulating wadding which I’m sure will be perfect to use on the floor, but it was a beast to work with. I tried quilting it and failed spectacularly… so I tied it and actually I really like it.

It felt so good getting back to making things… I must make time to do it more often…

2 thoughts on “*123* baby floor quilt

  1. Deb Cox says:

    Lovely Monica. I can see fabrics from my own “supply” that have been around for years also. And I still love them all. Won’t that quilt be a lovely addition to your niece’s playtime. Think of all the photos it will land up in! Win win. A memory for you all everytime you look at her playing through the winter months.


  2. Julie says:

    That is beautiful! And a gorgeous selection of fabrics too …. I’m so pleased to finally [hopefully] be making a dent in mine too as I went on a beginners guide to quilting on Saturday and cannot wait to get started properly … obviously without buying any more fabric!!!

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