It’s fair to say I love a door wreath.

Christmas is a special time of the year for doors too, not just people and I try making one every year, it’s rare that I see one I really love, a few years ago I bought a giant live/gree one from Daylesford which was just divine… and I still pine for it…

Anyway, this year we’re going sparkly, not garish/kitsch (that was two years ago, I scratched that itch), but subtle and understated.

What I did was this:

  1.  I bought a brass wreath (which will be re-used in different ways, watch this space) from Nkuku.

Then take a string of little lights and wrap it around the spokes of the stars.  It’s fiddly, and the lights will get tangled.  Breath and remember that Christmas is not a time for anger.

These ones from Marks and Spencers are really lovely and small, which was what I was after.  They’re supposed to last a long time… we’ll see (but you can replace the batteries).

I liked the effect, but it wasn’t enough… so I grabbed this box of super cute tiny Christmas baubles from Paperchase, and attached them all around the star.

It took a while, I didn’t use any read or gold… they just didn’t speak to me yesterday.

Here’s the door in the daytime:

And here’s the door at night (actually early morning, photo taken when I said goodbye to the boys who were heading off before dawn to a hockey tournament… ah the joy of a driving son!)

Happy door.

(Now what do I do with the remaining …. 2034857537574 tiny coloured baubles?)

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