“Oops she did again…”

Last night I had a gorgeous night in the company of lovely women making Christmas Wreaths.  Yeah I know… you just can’t have too many, I don’t care what you say.

There green branches everywhere…

First we had a lesson, which made me realise that the old ‘glue gun manoeuvre’ is not exactly the best method when it comes to ‘greenery’.  (TBH… it always worked for me.. )

Then we started our own.  We used a wire base, beautiful fragrant moss and  meters and meters of florist wire.  (I’m in love with florist wire).

I almost called it done I was so happy with how it looked at this stage  (Moss wreath are a thing’, surely.  If not they should be… but I soldiered on… and this is when it all went mad!

I don’t want to think what my friend’s dining room must look like this morning… in the light of day…  last night it was like a forest, or perhaps like an explosion in a flower shop… with feathers!  And gin.  There might have been gin… what goes on tour stays on tour…

They all came out crazy beautiful.  Big, small, all different too… I tried to keep it neat and classic…

(incidentally… since I bought these shoes… I can’t take them off.  I mean, I can take them off but I don’t want to… they’re just the best)

This morning I had a bit of a crisis because the front door already has a wreath… and then I remembered the back door which faces the square (which I think at one point was the ‘service door?’  waaaaay back when people had staff… instead of just… mothers…)

Ta daaaaaaaahh

Me thinks it’s fab.  Not perfect… a little crooked and wabi sabi, but if the milkman complains he can forget his Christmas tip!  

And I have all sorts of idea for next year/spring/Easter… you name it… it’ll be wreath city around here!

4 thoughts on “– 2018/201 – wreath making, again

  1. Alphe says:

    Beautiful! ^^


  2. Clicky Needles says:

    I love it! Well done, looks like a good evening.


  3. Pauline says:

    The wreath is gorgeous! Are you wearing Allbirds? I have a pair and I’d sleep in them if I could.


    1. I love my allbirds too! they’re so so comfortable…


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