I did, I collected all mismatched napkins and made them all part of one big blue family.

I used this little tub to dye 600gr worth of fabric and the colour is really intense, I’m really really happy with the result.


All you do is wet your fabric – I ran a short rinse cycle in the washing machine – then you you peel the packaging off and put the plastic container (there’s a little foil tub you need to remove from the top) upright on top of your wet clothes in the machine… and ran a 40C degree cycle.  Then you ran the same cycle with your normal detergent to remove any excess dye but I didn’t notice any difference in colour at the end of the two wash.  It’s recommended you ran another cycle on empty to prevent any accidents too.


And voila’.

The best colour is on old linen napkins…


Sometimes you get a surprise when the thread used is obviously polyester thread…


I had made these napkins from black and white fat quarters I knew I’d never use… they’re so much better now I might make some more just so I can dye them.


More random things that don’t look so random anymore.


Blue is such a wonderful colour.


One thought on “– 2018/188 – … blue…

  1. Deb Cox says:

    Yeah Monica. Well done. I think that your idea was brilliant.
    And yes, blue is gorgeous and suits anytime of year…………
    Lush and gorgeous.


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