… and breath… inhale tomorrow…. exhale yesterday…

…this motherhood stuff sure is complicated sometimes…  

If you try to protect them… you’re a fun-sponge, if you let them be… you’re ignoring them.  You need to be ‘there’ but not ‘there there’.  It’s high diplomacy, iron fist in velvet glove, it’s heart breaking and life affirming at the same time.  It’s sleepless nights without the nappies and the feeding.  It’s withholding hugs you both could do with… It’s pride and awe and wonder and worry and fear and frustration and joy,  it’s fun and it’s hardwork.

It’s bloody exhausting…

… and totally worthwhile..

Send gin,  I have plenty of lemons.

2 thoughts on “– 2018/192 – music Friday

  1. Jen says:

    Oh yes. This. I look back to when mine were small and I thought the sheer tiredness would never end, but I’ve just swapped it for a rather exhausting emotional battering of rollercoaster highs and lows! Hurrah for Gin…


  2. Pats. says:

    This is where you practice quantum physics in life….there and not there at the same time. you’ll get the hang of it. And then they were gone!! And you get the t-shirt.


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