Am I the only one who reaches the last week of school completely frazzled and confused?       ‘My daily life is an endless round of washing clothes for various ‘sports days’ and ‘activity days’ which require ‘old clothes’ or clothes that can get wet or covered in paint or ruined (why??)… then there’s the daily search for non-leaking water bottles, big but not heavy, and shoes that ‘disappear’ on a regular basis, and sun cream that’s non sticky, nor oily, nor smelly… but lasts all day…

hashtag rollyoureyestotheceiling.


Seriously.  It’s madness.  All this demanded by teenage boys who don’t speak but grunt and expect you to read minds and remember everything because they’re too busy watching the demented and brain destroying Love Island or shooting each in other in ‘Fortnight’… don’t get me started on either of them.  I was listening to Radio 4 this morning on the way home from dropping them off at school and one of the panelist, talking statistics, mentioned that since 2009 the rate of teenage pregnancy has halved.  My theory is that kids don’t meet each other anymore face to face.  They’re too used to ‘snapchat’ each other or text each other or just be in touch on social media… they can’t handle face to face contact.  Do you remember when in order to see boys you actually had to go out? and meet them? in person? shocking.


How did I get here?… whatever… life is busy… yesterday I got sent out looking for red and white face paint (all sold out), England flags (ditto) and a teddy bear to use as mascot for the upcoming hockey tour No 1 and No 2 will be on next week.  Then of course the aforementioned creature had to have a t-shirt made in same colour as the kit… and so that’s how I spent yesterday afternoon: crocheting a t-shirt for a bear.  Lucky me.  This morning will be spent attaching name labels to hockey gear.  Lucky lucky me.  Actually I don’t mind that too much, the boys will have such an amazing experience I’m really glad for them… (I wish I was going).  It’ll be weird not to have them around  Mr M and I will be taking No 3 to Paris via train… I think we’re more excited than he is…  AND if you have any recommendations for quirky things to do in Paris please pass then on… don’t say the sewers as Mr M is claustrophobic and was really disturbed by those poor Thai boys stuck in the cave for three weeks.  So open air/museums off the beaten track, cute places to eat… that kind of thing.


Today I’m wearing trousers for the first time in almost three weeks.  (I’d like to point out I was wearing dresses or skirts because of the un-English hot summer, I didn’t wonder around half naked).  It feels very strange and constricting.


No 1 has passed his driving theory test.  My baby.  My first born is almost driving.  Do you realise how old this makes me feel?  Do you also realise that I have to remind him to put his towels in the wash every week and he could be soon in charge of a car??


For the sake of ‘true news’ I’d like to confess that my room doesn’t look like this at all at the current moment.  I’m trying to remind myself of how nice it can be if I tidied up a bit and by a bit I mean a lot… still… one has labels to attach, right?

(And I just remembered I need to take the rubbish to the dump because NOBODY took the rubbish out on time yesterday morning.)




One thought on “– 2018/121 – more randomness

  1. Amy L says:

    Hey Monica, check out this website for unusual things to do in Paris: Although there is stuff to avoid due to the big C (catacombs, railroad tunnels), there appears to be other cool stuff. Enjoy your holiday.


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