My head is playing up. I could rename last week ‘migraine week… and just when I thought my head was behaving … BANG… I’m reaching for the meds again today… very frustrating.

As a consequence I’ve been fuzzy all the time and well… something had to give: the blog was parked for a while.

Mr M and I watched the hyped ‘Fyre Festival’ documentary on Netflix. Oh my… what an extraordinary thing… when giant egos and the power of social media meet in a ridiculous (and for many people damaging) cocktail. If you haven’t heard about this it tells the story of said Fyre Festival, which was hailed as the greatest music festival ever, was supposed to be the height of luxury and ‘cool’, best music and location and accommodation, the place to see and be seen… except… it didn’t turn out to be quite like that…

Also, if you want to despair even more about the current state of things you can watch ‘American Meme’. I warn you… neither of them will fill you with hope.

On a more uplifting tone I’ve been listening to the audiobook of ‘Becoming’ the book by Michelle Obama. I highly recommend it. I’m not a huge fan of audiobooks… I find that if I listen when I’m running I run VERY slowly! but this one is good. Very interesting.

Took No 1 for a University interview last week too, which brought up ‘all the feelings’. Pride in what he’s achieved and excitement for him, his whole life ahead, full of possibilities and dreams… and a little bit of sadness for me too, that I won’t be so much a part of it. WHICH is the right way of things, and I really believe that,… but still… he’ll always be my baby, right?

I wanted to tell him so many things… enjoy the process, savour all the emotions, it’s ok to be fearful but don’t let that stop you, be sure of yourself but always open to others’ experiences, dream, work hard, play hard. Follow your instinct. Mistakes are lessons. Eat your greens.

In the end I just followed behind him, and probably just mumbled something about zipping up his coat because it was cold… I hope he understood there was much more to it than that.

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