There’s a new little girl in our square, which is lovely and it made me think how your own children are all grown up and hairy now and how cute they were when in their little onesies, gurgling away in their prams… their chubby feet and fluffy hair…. Time has a funny way to make you forget the insane tiredness, the constant sour milk smell on your clothes, the constant nappy changing… which is just as well or humanity would have gone extinct eons ago.

Her name is Isabella Rose, which is so lovely it’s almost too much and it definitively deserved a gentle, pink quilt, don’t you think?

I should have taken a photo of the whole thing, but I had no spare help and was too keen to hand it over to her new owner… but you get the idea… And it was so nice to do something girlie for a change! The square are 6″ and the whole quilt is 5 squares by 7 squares. I find it’s a good size to use as a floor mat, or a lap quilt, or to wrap a child up on the sofa when they’re older.

(Also, incidentally, why do I keep using fabric from the stash and the stash never diminishes? and no I haven’t bought any fabric either. So weird)

2 thoughts on “^^53/2020^^ baby quilt

  1. Deb Cox says:

    oh monica, that is just lovely. what a sweet gift!


  2. Laura says:

    Quilt as beautiful as the name 🙂


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