Day 111.

Yep still counting, it’s slightly dramatic but it helps me remember there was a before and now there is now.

Let’s talk about walking. Do you like it? I had forgotten how much I do like it actually and I feel very foolish thinking about the years I’ve wasted (I tried running on many an occasion, but I feel those days are behind me now… I get quite bored, there, I said it. And i know it’s not cool to say it, the ‘lockdown’ seems to have turned everyone into a runner… but me? I’ve always like doing the opposite. Also, running when it’s cold it’s not fun at all, trust me. So now I walk. And you have the time to see so much more when walking. And think. You have time to think, or not to think, and listen to music or podcasts, or audio books. But mostly I like the silence and the noise of what’s around me, I like the rhythm of the steps, I like the smile and shy ‘good morning’ when you meet some one else out like you before the world is awake.

At first, I walked to get out of the house on the allowed ‘one exercise’ a day (as if normal people would do more??), and find some space that was mine alone. (Mine and all the other lycra clad new-joggers… cabin fever is and was real, people!)… Then I began walking to explore the streets around where we live, and believe me when I tell you I walked them all. Frankly, who knew that urban streets could be so interesting? I could be a taxi driver, or a local guide: I discovered lanes, and back streets, shortcuts and dead ends. I discovered cool graffitis, interesting architecture, little brooks and hidden parks. New houses, old houses, bike lanes, underpasses, disused railways lines. And then… I bought a couple of books and realised there is literally a whole world out there waiting to be explored within a few miles radius… after all, everything is walking distance if you have the time.

I walked alone and I walked with friends, with the boys and with family.

I bought a new rucksack, one with lots of strange pockets and hooks and a chest strap and a waist strap. I’m considering walking poles (which I used years ago on the Dolomites and I know they really help)… but don’t tell the boys just yet.

I bought books and walking guides.

I’m anxiously waiting for the puppy to be able to come with me (it’ll be months… sigh).

This morning, the husband and I left the boys (and a friend, a girlfriend and two dogs) and went for a walk around Bourton-on-the-Water. We were following one of the routes in this book:

which is brilliant and I highly recommend it, the directions are clear and the maps make sense.

We left the village and immediately we were in a different world. The path took us along the many carp lakes and the sun shimmering on the water was so welcoming and calming…

For quite a while we strolled along the river Windrush… small river, slow flowing, shallow and crystal clear…

… through copses, and woodlands, amongst flowers and hundreds of butterflies… through fields of freshly mowed hay and bright green wheat…

It was a five mile circular walk back to the town and there may have been an impromptu fish and chips for lunch… maybe… I’m not saying… what goes on tour stays on tour…

And it was good. I’m grateful.

2 thoughts on “^^45/2020^^ walking

  1. Deb Cox says:

    oh monica, what a sweet post. i envy you and your husband this walk. well done and thank you for the sharing. glad everything is going along and yes, it is a different time, but we will find our way. thanks again for this lovely share.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pamela says:

    Have a look a nordic walking poles.

    Liked by 1 person

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