– 2018/186 – poetry Monday

Non-combatants (by Evelyn Underhill) Never of us be said That we reluctant stood As sullen children, and refused to dance To the keen pipe that sounds across the fields of France. Though shrill the note and wild, Though hard the steps and slow, The dancing floor defiled, The measure full of woe, And dread The… Continue reading – 2018/186 – poetry Monday

– 2018/167 – music Friday

Something a little different today...  last night I went to a classical concert in Birmingham at the Symphony Hall.  It was fabulous. They played Beethoven 7th Symphony which was amazing... he is my favourite classical composer and the second movement of this piece is simply magical. Make yourself a cup of tea and sit down.… Continue reading – 2018/167 – music Friday

– 2018/153 – 48 years of books (1984)

Hotel du Lac (Anita Brookner) I can't believe that nobody had ever suggested this book to me before... why??  It is simply brilliant.  Not in a shout out brilliant, but in a modest, subtle, elegant way brilliant.  Yes, it's an elegant book, that's it. Edith writes romantic novels under a pseudonym but her life is… Continue reading – 2018/153 – 48 years of books (1984)

– 2018/106 – birthday weekend, part 2

I have so many things to talk to you about this week I don't know where to start... three books (three!!), a tidy studio (rare occurrence), a finished quilt (even rarer than a tidy studio)... geesh... first things first though; what I want to share is the beautiful visit to Hauser & Wirth Somerset.  We… Continue reading – 2018/106 – birthday weekend, part 2

– 2018/104 – birthday weekend, part 1

I had a fabulous birthday.  Fabulous, daaaahling! After sending the boys to school we leisurely drove to Babington House where we had a most delicious lunch with friends and then chilled out in the spa.  You know when you're so relaxed that you lose the sense of time? That. Can you believe it was once… Continue reading – 2018/104 – birthday weekend, part 1