Day 113.

Living with a puppy is a little like having a baby again. They want to play constantly, they look at you as a source of entertainment and food, and need to be taken out often to learn not to soil indoors (dog-nappy, anyone?). It’s also a good idea to lift everything up high because puppies like to chew… and I knew that, I’ve had a puppy before… but I had forgotten quite ‘how much’ they chew… indiscriminately… tea-towels, tassels and socks, cushions, shoes, ankles. Plastic tubs, sticks, leaves, baskets. Fingers, trousers legs, their own tail.

Half way through sewing this the pedal of my sewing machine got chewed right through, I could have sworn he was on the other side of the room the just a split second earlier…

I was trying to make the backing for a beautiful sashiko sampler cloth that mum had embroidered in order to turn it into a table runner type thing. My brother, a missionary in South Sudan, wants it for the altar in their church. The African fabric came from three shirts that were donated to my boys when they were little. So cute.

I love the contrast between the Japanese front and the South Sudanese fabric in the back. The rich, contrasting colour looks great together too.

Luckily for me we had an electrician doing some work in the garden and he managed to temporarily fix the cable for me.

Next job? Face masks… they’re finally becoming compulsory in shops in 10 days’ time and I need to get sewing!

2 thoughts on “^^46/2020^^

  1. Deb Cox says:

    yes, good luck with the chewing. so quick, but your creation is stunning, thanks for sharing monica

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laura says:

    I’ve seen some really pretty masks with sashiko stitching on them. Just an idea.

    Liked by 1 person

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