I believe there are two ways of experiencing a holiday: exhaling and inhaling. Let me explain, if you step on a beach, or look at a new vista, or simply walk on a trail and feel yourself breathing out, you let go of the worries of the world, you drop your daily burdens and feel yourself re-born… you’re an ‘exhaler’. Me? Most of the time I’m totally the opposite… I need to go somewhere new and inhale… new sights, new smells, new skies, buildings, art. Holidays for me are a refill, a total re-charge ready for ‘real life’ whatever that is. (I hate that expression, frankly holidays/travels are more real that the everyday AND YES I know we should be always presents in every moment, but we’re not talking about that now).

So… I’m in Copenhagen, and breath in… I’m in Copenhagen on my own for a week of sightseeing and new horizons, deep breath in….

I arrived yesterday afternoon after a slightly strange flight, wearing a mask, social distanced queues and quiet airports both sides, but the sun was shining and after 163 days of total or partial lockdown it was wonderful to be OUT OUT.

And breath in.

A quick taxi ride from the airport through smooth and quiet streets and I arrived at my hotel in no time. It’s wonderful, and I’ll show you at the end of the trip where I’m staying. I dumped the bags and went out for a stroll, I wanted to get an idea how close things are so I grabbed one of maps and off I went…

I took the opportunity to ‘visit’ the Royal Copenhagen Radisson Hotel which was designed in 1960 by Arne Jacobsen – the first ‘designer’ hotel – and still on of the tallest buildings in the city. The lobby was refurbed in 2018, but of course they kept the beautiful style and the famous ‘Egg’ chairs Jacobsen designed for this hotel and which have become a design classic.

I honestly felt like I was on a Mad Men set!

I then strolled back via the City Hall, built 1892-1905 in the National Romantic Style. It is an open building so I might go back another day and have a mooch inside.

Bed early for me after an amazing dinner. Big plans for tomorrow, stay tuned.

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