*10* triple chocolate cookies

Buckwheat triple chocolate cookies. Note of warning: have a glass of cold milk ready because... hello... chocolate!!! You can find the recipe here. It's really easy and quick. Probably as quick as eating the cookies when you're done! plus Vanilla Essence... A lot is done in the mixer (but you don't have to... I'm just lazy)...… Continue reading *10* triple chocolate cookies

– 2018/191 – random Thursday

Is it me or it's absolutely freezing out there? Today is one of those days I wished I had a rewind button, to start over, to shout a little less (although if you could see No 3's bedroom you would actually give me a medal for my restrain... but still) and smile a little more...… Continue reading – 2018/191 – random Thursday

– 2018/162 – individual sticky toffee puddings

I had never heard of sticky toffee pudding before coming to England and because I've always been a chocolate girl it took me years to try it; that was a gross error of judgment.  It makes me sad to think of all the delicious puddings I've missed out on through the years. There are thousands… Continue reading – 2018/162 – individual sticky toffee puddings

– 2018/104 – birthday weekend, part 1

I had a fabulous birthday.  Fabulous, daaaahling! After sending the boys to school we leisurely drove to Babington House where we had a most delicious lunch with friends and then chilled out in the spa.  You know when you're so relaxed that you lose the sense of time? That. Can you believe it was once… Continue reading – 2018/104 – birthday weekend, part 1

– 2018/64 – postcards from Palm Spring, Ca

A day of 2 halves. Early morning walk in the neighbourhood and short hike.  By myself, because my children are lazy and the husband is still not a walking model. It was a glorious morning. On the top of that little hill, in full sun, the Coachella valley spread in front of me I took… Continue reading – 2018/64 – postcards from Palm Spring, Ca

– 2018/27 – banana bread

I've tried quite a few banana bread recipes through the years and this is by far my favourite. It's definitively more like a bread than a cake.  It's not too sweet or 'bananay' and it tastes incredibly divine smothered in good quality butter (unsalted please!) or with Nutella. But then again what doesn't taste better… Continue reading – 2018/27 – banana bread