Buckwheat triple chocolate cookies.

Note of warning: have a glass of cold milk ready because… hello… chocolate!!!

You can find the recipe here. It’s really easy and quick. Probably as quick as eating the cookies when you’re done!

plus Vanilla Essence…

A lot is done in the mixer (but you don’t have to… I’m just lazy)… but I wonder if I got the measuring right because my dough was definitively drier/stiffer than it should have been. Maybe I should have added a drop of milk?

Maybe next time I’ll experiment a little.

They didn’t take the lovely round cookies shape at all…

… BUT …

… they remained soft on the inside, cakey rather than chewy… totes delish.

So I call it a win.

I think next time I will use white chocolate chip to sweeten them up a little, I like them because they’re really intensely chocolatey, but I’m not sure they boys will… (more for me I suppose), and Mr M will lament the lack of raisins … (we all know what my thoughts are on the subject of raisins).

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