The weather was glorious. Finally.

Spent a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon in a deserted College library… oh my god… terrifying… just weird… like the set of a scary movie. Had to get out of there. Fast.

Missed No 3 and Mr away on hockey tour in sunny Holland.

Easter Sunday meant lots of food and the traditional post pig-out walk…

I have been reunited with my friend chocolate after a very long lent. A deliciously decadent Nutella Cheese cake (recipe here, but without the distracting nuts) did the trick. No I didn’t eat it all.

And this morning I went on the slowest run of my life… oh good gracious… I’m so out of shape.

Also, all the laundry baskets are EMPTY. E.M.P.T.Y. I’m slaying it.

One thought on “*58* Easter weekend in pictures

  1. Jacqui says:

    LOL, I’m glad you’re slaying the laundry!
    I spend a lot of time in deserted college libraries (I’m a librarian) but
    they just make me think of Molly Ringwald & co on detention in The Breakfast Club.

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