• It’s foggy out there and I like it. I grew up in the middle of Italy in an area famous for fog so thick that sometimes you can only see a few metres in front your car and the gentle grey fuzziness of this morning is making me nostalgic.
  • I bought a pair of clogs. I love clogs… I have a few incarnation of the same wooden sole principle in the forms of boots and sandals, but now I have proper clogs… like the ones I had as a child and I’m feeling stupidly happy about it. They’re incredibly noisy in this house of ours with its wooden floors and high ceilings, even the the half deaf dog grumbles thinking there’s somebody knocking at the front door. But I’m happy and I’m considering wearing them with hand knitted socks for the full ’embarrass your teenage children look’, what do you think? a step too far?
  • In between the two hockey matches last Saturday, Mr M and I visited Gloucester Cathedral where there’s this amazing installation in the Lady’s Chapel (the one behind the Quire at the back) by a company called Squidsoup. ‘Where there is light’. It was made in collaboration with the Cathedral, and its aim is to ‘generate awareness and understanding of the plight of people seeking refuge from war, oppression and abuse. It is in support of the amazing work of GARAS (www.garas.org.uk) and it presents the moving testimonies of four refugees and asylum seekers from Sudan, Syria, Iraq and Pakistan’. It is well worth a visit.
  • Is it me or Lilli the Ferocious Beast looks a tad depressed? (highly docked photo, hence the bad quality, sorry … it’s GREY out there….)
  • Also… I’ve decided to do The Cotswold Way Challenge… the half challenge though… it’s long enough… 50Km… mad? bad? dangerous idea?

One thought on “^^12/2020^^ randomly on a Wednesday

  1. Jacqueline says:

    I love clogs too, though I tend to go for black ones.


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