Today was a gorgeous day.

Yesterday was not… but we had decided on a day out at a National Trust property and a little weather warning wasn’t going to deter us…

Hughenden Manor, was from 1848 to 188, the house of Benjamin D’Israeli, who was twice Prime Minister at the time of Queen Victoria. During the 2nd WW was a top secret map making site for the Air Ministry. Today it’s a wonderful home in the middle of a wonderful park the inside of which has been left virtually untouched for hundreds of years. Queen Victoria’s photographer took pictures of the house and the National Trust was able to recreate it for our benefits. A real time capsule.

The car park is a little walk away from the house, a well signed path through a gorgeous wood…

… past the cutest (and wettest coffee shop courtyard)…

And then you catch a first glimpse of the house in all its red brick glory.

Once a day there’s a free tour and it is totally worth getting there for it, they give you so much information on the house and its inhabitants… fascinating.

first of all let’s admire the Victorian floor… sigh…

this was Mrs D’Israeli’s sitting room. She loved the gold/blue combination
… lots of writing to do if you were a ‘lady’ at the time…
Old ‘Dizzy’ had a big one in the library (no fiction books… how boring)
the couple shared a bed, which, apparently was quite unusual in Victorian Times
… and this was Dizzy’s studio. Queen Victoria wasn’t allowed to go to his funeral because he was a commoner, and had refused a state funeral, and she’s said to have sat at his chair – top left – for a whole day reminiscing ,after his death. They were great friends.

As I said the grounds looked gorgeous… but only from the window, thank you very much… it was blowing a gale and it raining cats and dogs all day…

You can find more information on this property and all the other fabulously kept by the National Trust here.

Well worth a visit.

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