The day started with a beautiful, peaceful sunrise on the beach

And then we got an email from British Airways saying that, for security reasons, our flight was delayed till further notice and, please, it would have been better if we didn’t even go to the airport yet. We then found out that our flight, on its way here from the UK had been diverted to Istanbul due to the US stopping passengers flights over the region and the UK following suit.

Scary stuff, even it meant an extra day in the sun.

They boys had a fun day, I got to do some of my college work, and we were lucky that we didn’t have to wait all this time at the airport but we could stay here in resort and have lovely food etc. etc. Silver lining and all that.

Also we saw a camel. Swimming.


How weird and cute is that?

… and from Kemil, the swimming camel, and me, it’s goodbye for now!

I’m quite ready to go home.

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