Today I went flying.

And it was amazing.

And a little terrifying.

But mainly amazing.

I blame it on the boys that jumped off a mountain…

Silly boys.

…this is my baby. My fearless baby…
… that one up there is my husband… you’ll be glad to hear that he made it safely back down…
… and this one about to jump is the first fruit of my loins… I’m glad I wasn’t there to actually witness all this.

BUT… I did feel like I was missing out on something so after a short deliberation I came to the conclusion that while there was no way I could hurl myself off a cliff, I could though start from the bottom and go up… and sooooo…

I did this instead:

… basically I was on a moped with wings… (mid life crisis or what??)
… so high…
… I had to keep telling myself to relax… and I still can’t believe I actually was up there…
… stunning views though…
… and this is when the crazy bulgarian pilot turned the engine off and we just floated… he also started to flap his arms, but I didn’t think it was that funny… the thermals from the mountains made us a little bumpy… which also wasn’t funny…

So there, I flew.

And it was amazing.

And also a little scary.

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