– 179 –

I always hit a bit of a mental slump this time of the year.  Maybe it’s because of the heightened level of commitments, maybe it the early sunsets and long period of darkness, maybe it’s simply that there are so many ‘things’ to do that I feel slightly claustrophobic.  Is there such thing as ‘commitment claustrophobia’?  If there is … I have it.

I guess I am simply not very good with pressure… I like a steady flow and what I have is tides… madly busy… hardly anything… then bonkers busy again… then calm…. My strategy to fight this flaw of mine is to fight back with a deliberate and constant ‘state of busy’.  If I’m busy I don’t have time to think too much about how much I have to do, if I keep ‘at it’ sooner or later it will all get done… in my own time, which it might not be everybody else’s time frame or priority list.

But it gets done.

It’s about mindfulness, I guess.  Each minute counts.  The here and now.

When it works.

Other times it all goes to pot, I lose my grip and I rant like a demented banshee and feel that if I see another shoe NOT in the shoe cupboard the world will come to an end and we’ll all die.  Tell me you’ve been there too.

I’m a Gemini, what can I say… nobody ever stated we’re stable people!

AAAAAaanyway,  my latest read was all about mindfulness in knitting which is something I hadn’t really thought about it.

It’s a really pretty book to look at (which is nice, let’s not deny it…) and I enjoyed reading it even if at times … it gets a little too deep and tries to find meaning when … I mean, does everything need to have a deeper meaning?  Can I just like knitting/crochet… ‘just because’?  Does this make me superficial?

Is knitting really like a type of yoga?

On the the hand I agree when it says what a great icebreaker knitting is, how calming it is, how gifting knitted items can be more rewarding for the knitter than the receiver (made me chuckle)…


I give it a 6 1/2 out of ten.

Annoyingly though, it has made me itch to start another knitting project which totally doesn’t help considered what I wrote at the start AND with the fact I’ve started a mammoth crochet project.