This fresh off the needle little gem is the Martina Cardigan by ‘We are knitters’, and you can find the kit here.  It comes complete with instructions, gorgeous wool and optional knitting needles.  (btw I knitted a size S).

With easy to follow instructions and clever construction, this is a great project for adventurous beginners or if you are in need of mindless tv knitting that asks for minimum counting.   It requires size 8mm needles which means that even for a slow knitter like me it only takes two hockey matches to finish one sleeve and knit a 1/3 or the other one, just to give you an idea.  Obviously I’m not playing hockey while I knit, I’m spectating…  Although I heard of a lady that knitted a chunky scarf whilst running the London Marathon.  Impressive coordination.

Sewing it together was super speedy too, a quick google search to reming me how to sew two piece in garter stitch and one peaky blinder episode later I had a cardigan, to tell you the truth sewing in the loose ends took longer because that is the most odious job EVER (after vacuuming and dusting)… but I made myself do it whilst tonight dinner bubbled away and required keeping an eye on.

So drum roll and ta daaaaaah….

It is kind of crazy still knitting and wearing chunky cardigan in spring (hello? weather? do you hear me? get a hold of yourself and play ball!! we’re all fed up with winter! geesh..), but I couldn’t finish this at a better time.


I’m so over dark colours, I’m so tired and bored of wearing black and grey… this might still be wool… but  at least it’s white!


I couldn’t find the tripod to take better pictures so these will have to do.  (I was told it was in No1’s bedroom… but… it’s a bit of a jungle and I wasn’t afraid I’d never make it back out again).

You get the idea, it’s a simple open cardigan, slightly a-line in shape, garter stitch, long narrow sleeves that balance the body shape.  Pretty much perfect.


There is one HUGE mistake however, and I’m in two mind about fixing it or not because it would mean unstitching and unravelling… so I’ll see how I feel about it when I wear it for a while. (No I’m not saying where it is, don’t even ask).

If you’re looking for a way back into knitting  (Ali? talking to you…) this is a good project, if you’re looking for a new beach jumper (Emma?) this is soft and cozy…


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