I can’t even remember when I started knitting this… which tells you a lot about my knitting mojo of the past few (lots of) months.  I blame it on the super hot (and marvellous weather we’ve been having, but I’m not sure that’s the real cause.  I don’t seem to have time for anything these days.  How is that possible that I had more time when the boys were small and toddling about?  I just don’t get it.

Anyway, the mojo is back.  I’m working on another sweater that keeps my attention and it’s slightly more involved than normal and all is good.  A part from the lack of time thing.  That is still more relevant than ever.

Have you ever tried one of ‘Wool and the Gang’ kits?  They’re really good.  I find their yarn excellent and this cotton one didn’t disappoint either.  I just wish I’d remember to really size down my needles because when I knit with cotton, my normally loose gauge gets really really floppy.


The green is gorgeous.  AND more importantly didn’t bleed at all when I wash it, which I amazed me, having just turned a whole load of t-shirts/shirts green because of a Patagonia t-shirt.  Let’s move on swiftly or I’ll cry.


Now, if I had read the instructions more attentively I would have realised I stitched sweater inside out.  It was supposed to be wrong side on show… but whatever… I actually prefer it this way, it seems tidier.IMG_5675

I knitted the sleeves a couple of repeats longer because I’ve had my fill of 3/4 sleeves… I wanted a snuggly sweater and that I most certainly got.  This cotton is super super soft.


Now, the neckline is very wide (as you can see from the top photo) and I’ll probably stitch it tighter/close it a little.  I’m not into the ‘off-the-should’ look.


And like I said, if I were to knit it again, or knit again with this yarn I’d size down a whole needle size, but for now this will do.


Just as well the weather has turned cooler for a while!

One thought on “– 2018/135 – Cosmic Sweater

  1. Jo says:

    It .looks a really lovely colour.


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