We’re home.

It’s been relentless since we’ve been back, for me anyway. The mountain of washing is almost demolished although the ironing pile has correspondingly increased in size, so really I feel like I’ve made no progress at all. To top it all we’ve had social engagements to attend, there has been a return journey to the airport to drop off my mother, there are boys’ commitment to honour…

AND I have 2 1/2 essay to write and only a week to do that which is freakishly little time given how slow a writer I am. I shouldn’t be here. I should be explaining the reasons why Kuhn doesn’t believe in the cumulative progress of science and the opposition views to his theory… but here we go… my brain needs a break. I know, I know, I should know better at my age than leaving things to the last minute… but am I even a student if I don’t do that?

Anyway, as a prize for listening to my inane ramblings I’ll show you pictures of the resort (The Six Sensei Zighy Bay) and the villa we stayed in.

It is a gorgeous, calming place which was perfect for the post Christmas ‘chillaxing’ we all craved:

around the resort at dusk
the entrance to one of the villas, note the vase with water and ladle to rinse the sand off your feet before entering…
lovely details
the architecture was in the style of the local building/villages
each villa had bicycles to move around the resorts
and it was a plastic free place too. The bin bags were made out of jute…
This was our place
it had a terrace overlooking a small pool, facing the sea, that’s where we had lunch everyday… bliss…

I just realised I have no photos of the bedrooms… they were gorgeous and spacious too… the same colour throughout brought it all together in a simple and relaxed way.

the pool viewed from the upstairs window… it looks massive… but Mr M has this new fandangled phone and is in love with the panorama lens… do forgive him…

As I’m typing this, sitting at my desk, surrounded by notes and books I realised how lucky we were to be able to stay in a place like this and how re-charged the week in the sun has left me. Breaking the cold months up like this, it makes them feel more manageable… I do like winter, I love all the different seasons… but oh boy was it good to feel the heat on the skin.

And now back to Thomas Kuhn… crazy dude that he was…

(Actually, I don’t think he was crazy… just very, very intense!)

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