*103* postcards from Costa Navarino, Greece / ‘Forces of Nature’ (Jane Harper)

Day 3. spent the day by the pool finishing this novel and getting sunburned ... actually worked out in the gym. in real life... true story... ... post magical olive oil wrap treatment... But let's talk about 'Forces of Nature', by Jane Harper. It's another case for Aaron Falk, the Australian policeman whom we first… Continue reading *103* postcards from Costa Navarino, Greece / ‘Forces of Nature’ (Jane Harper)

*98* a day at Wimbledon

'Wimbledon' is as English as it's possibly be... as English as strawberries and cream (sadly, I didn't have any...) and Pimm's (... ahem... moving on swiftly) and on a superbly sunny day like yesterday it was pretty glorious. (It is, however, incredibly and anachronistically white/middle class English... not quite, not at all actually, a true… Continue reading *98* a day at Wimbledon