A slipping down life (by Anne Tyler)

Anne Tyler always gets to me.  I read quite a few of her novels and at some point there’s always a line, a sentence that just cuts through you and plunges you into the book so that when you read the last page you feel dazed and confused by the reality around you.

This short novel, wrote in the year of my birth, does the same: the line for me was “The house had not yet heard of the death” and I won’t spoil you the story but when I read it all the pieces fell into place and all the previous pages made more sense and I was gone.

The blurb at the back of the book says this:

… but there’s so much more… it’s about growing up, and families, and love and friendship… and loneliness… and most of all the desire to belong, to something, to someone.

Is it her best book? No I don’t think so, but it’s a damn good book that lingers in your subconscious for longer you’d expect it to.

Worth reading.

Because it’s Friday after all, because one of the main characters is a wannabe rockstar and because Mr M and I watched ‘Patty Cakes’ this week, (good movie btw) I’m giving you a bonus track too:

The list so far…

2018   The mermaid and Mrs Hancock

2017 – Magari domain resto (Lorenzo Maroni)

2016 – Upstream (Mary Oliver)

2015   –  Reasons to stay alive (Matt Haig)

2014 – Annihilation (Jeff VanderMeer)

2013 – Careless people (Sarah Churchwell)

2012 – Wonder (RJ Palacia)

2011 – The Paris Wife (Paula McLain)


2009 – Let the great world spin (Colum McCann)

2008 – The White Tiger (Aravind Adiga)


2006 –  The Road (Cormac McCarthy)

2005 – Never let me go (Kazuo Ishiguro)

2004 – American Gods (Nail Gainman)


2002 – Everything is illuminated (Jonathan Safran Foer)


2000 – Coram Boy (Jamila Gavin)



1997 – Under Storm’s wings – (Helen Thomas)

1996 – Wilfred and Eileen (Jonathan Smith)




1992 – The daughters of the house (Michele Roberts)

1991- Regeneration (Pat Barker)

1990 – Darkness visible (William Styron)

1989 – Like water for chocolate (Laura Esquivel)


1987 – Norwegian Wood (Haruki Murakami)


1985­ – Oranges are not the only fruit (Jeanette Winterson)

1984  – Hotel du Lac (Anita Brookner)

1983 –  Heartburn (Nora Ephron)

1982  – The colour purple (Alice Walker)


1980 – Emmeline (Judith Rossiter)

1979– The bloody chamber (Angela Carter)


1977   The passion of New Eve (Angela Carter)


1975 –  First love, last rites – (Ian McEwan)


1973 –  the honorary consul (Graham Greene)


1971  – Reunion (Fred Uhlman)

1970  – A slipping down life (Anne Tyler)

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