I love the idea of a Christmas quilt.  A Christmas quilt means Christmas and sofas and hot chocolate and Hallmark Christmas movies (which I looooove but don’t tell anyone)… and snow… and children cuddling up to you and so on and on..

All that is well and good, the problem is that my children are not into cuddling up to me anymore, snow NEVER falls at Christmas, nobody wants to watch Hallmark movies with me AND I really struggle to find Christmas fabric I like.  Here in the UK Christmas fabric tend to be really traditional and it’s not really my style… but…

… this year I did find some really cool fabric and I was thrilled!  Especially because I was commissioned to make a Christmas quilt and working with materials I like is so much more enjoyable, right?

Look at all those festive modern patterns! 

I even like the subtle metallic details…

for the back I choose this subtle snowflake fabric that it’s happy and minimalist and pared back, but fun.  Christmas is all about fun with family right? (She says trying to convince herself…)

I wish I’d taken a full picture of it… but I was keen to send it to its new home and didn’t want to wait another day for a spare pair of hands to help me.

And I also wish I’d bought extra fabric to make one for myself too!


One thought on “– 2018/194 – a Christmas quilt

  1. Shirley says:

    Such a beautiful quilt and beautiful fabrics! What size were your plain blocks? The four patch blocks just add to the charm.


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