Back in 2013, Mr M and I visited Nashville.  For me it was a dream come true, I love country music and was in music heaven… for Mr M it was a work trip and days of endurance… his feet are firmly grounded in 80s British music so that wasn’t really his thang.  Bourbon helped.  It helped a lot.   As a matter of fact that was the trip where we discovered whiskey after visiting the Jack Daniel’s distillery and bourbon… whilst listening to live music.

Good trip.

Good trip because I also purchased some fabulous Anna Maria Horner fabric that she kindly dropped off at the hotel we were staying saving me international postage and import taxes.

When I got back I started making a quilt exclusively with this fabric… and then I stopped… and then I started again… and then I stopped working on it again… and then last year I picked it up again when I attended a workshop at The Village Haberdashery in London with Anna Maria herself… and then I stopped.

And then I started again a last week and then I FINISHED IT!!

Isn’t it incredible how if you work on something it’ll get done?  … who would have thought, eh?


I might add some hand quilting embroidery in the four grey squares, I’m ok with it for now…


as they say… it’s a wrap!


I know, amazing… isn’t it?  And it only took me 5 years…



One thought on “– 2018/8 – Nashville Star quilt

  1. Emily says:

    Gor.geous. Congratulations on the finished quilt!


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