On Sunday we’ll be taking a family trip to Wembley Stadium in London to see Ed Sheeran play.

To say I can’t wait it’s slightly an understatement…

It’ll be the boys’ first live concert and I hope it’ll be magical and they’ll remember it forever.   I certainly remember all the concerts of my teenage years… REM… Spandau Ballet (ahem…)… U2… and mostly Bruce Springsteen… mainly Bruce actually!  Oh, my darling darling Bruce…

Today I’m brushing up on some of the lyrics because you have no idea how harsh the boys are when I get them wrong  AND my revenge is that I’m intending to sing as loud as I can to as many songs I can… am I right or am I right?   And dance too… don’t you get annoyed when everybody stay sitting down at concerts?  Get up! Have fun! Move, bop, hop, sway, jump… let it all out…

C’mon sing with me!



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