… finally, FINALLY, some beautiful warm weather… I’m currently sitting drinking iced coffee with the window open and the dog snoozing beside me… a weekend of music and dinner out, early walks and a gorgeous drive through the countryside, and the wisteria’s smell is amazing…

Mr M and I went to see Beth Hart at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival.  She was amazing. So powerful and raw…


Can you see how sunny it was? white trousers and sunglasses borrowed from Mr M because squinting in photos it’s not very attractive

IMG_6257 2

I’m wearing my favourite clogs too and I had almost forgotten I was on day two of a migraine marathon.  Urgh…

Case in point about squinting:


this photo was taken this morning when Mr M and I took Lilli the ferocious beast for a stroll around the local park.  We just couldn’t stop saying how wonderful the weather was… yup, we’re great conversationalist…


And then I had to drive to the country to pick up No 3 and his broken arm after a sleepover and my SatNav must have been on the wrong setting because it was taking me down the smallest country lanes…


but it was so beautiful I actually really enjoyed singing my heart out with open windows and not a soul in sight.

No 3’s friend lives in the most gorgeous Cotswold village and whilst waiting for the boys to come back I took a little stroll and picked my dream cottage… maybe the one with the cute donkey in the yard?


And then back home to have the first lunch al fresco on the terrace.

So lucky to live in such a wonderful area…  I really hope your day was as pretty as mine!




One thought on “– 2018/83 – scenes from a weekend

  1. I know that church, it is St.Peter’s, and that is it’s rather unique coffin gate.


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