It’s May and May on Instagram is #memadeMay… the hashtag of awkward selfies and and beautiful handmade clothes.  Combine this with soon-expiring stash-points from the Village Haberdashery and what do you get?

Yup, flamingo pyjamas pants.

And why not?

Years and years ago I owned the most comfortable pair of pjs bottoms ever… they were made of really thin cotton and after months of washing and wearing they completely wore out.  Fortunately for me I had the superb idea of dismantling them and using them as pattern for more pjs.  I basically cloned them.


They have the perfect waist/bottom/leg ratio.


Wide but not ridiculously wide at the bottom.


… And once they are made out of out of flamingo fabric they actually surpass the original incarnation.






One thought on “– 2018/84 – flamingo pants

  1. Shirley says:

    Awesome PJ pants! I have a pair of pants that I plan to deconstruct and clone also. I have been on a search for the right fabric. Love your creation!


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