I didn’t do any knitting or crochet on holiday.  I had taken things with me but I knew, even whilst packing, that is was more for comfort rather than a real desire to work on something.  Like a security blanket.   I was right, I didn’t once got it out of the suitcase and I’m fine with that.  Last thing ‘making’ should become is an added pressure on life, it should always be an antidote in my book, otherwise… what kind of hobby is that?  So when I wasn’t in the water or losing at Uno with the boys you could have spotted me with a book/kindle in hand.

First up is “The Dry”, a really well written page turner that keeps you guessing till the end when you realise you kind of could have worked it out yourself and you go ‘ohh yeah… doh!”.

I liked the characters, the descriptions of the setting was well done… I really enjoyed it.

A dear friend gave it me for Christmas to take away on holiday… but I ended up finishing in two days before I even left the house.  Definitively worth it.


The next one is a real ‘feel good’ book.  Doesn’t claim to be anything else but it’s an absolute delight and leaves you with a smile.  The cover is just like the book…   The story weaves from the past to the present and keeps you interested.  I read it during a couple of jet lagged nights on holiday with Mr M ‘not snoring, just breathing heavily’ next to me and strange equatorial animals dancing on our roof.  It was very good company.


I like Horowitz’ writing, I think he’s a really clever man and his ‘Sherlock Holmes’ novel was one of my favourite, having said that… I kind of struggled with the ‘Magpie murders’.  Extremely well written, classic English crime novel… very clever ‘book within a book’ plot expedient… but sooooo looooong… geesh …

I kept reading and reading and reading and I was always half  way, for days…

The end came and … yes ok all the loose ends got tied but… it was like a cricket five day test… the end finally comes, someone wins but nobody makes a big fuss and they all go and have a cup of tea to celebrate…

Does it make sense?


The next book was a real revelation.  I had bought it in Tofino catch and release aquarium a couple of summers ago simply because I’m totally in love with the area and wanted a souvenir and let’s face it what better souvenir than a book?  I had no idea whatsoever of who Ed Ricketts was, but I had ferociously read John Steinbeck in my teenage years and that was recommendation enough.

In a few words Ed Ricketts is the unrecognised father of modern ecology.  I don’t know why he isn’t more famous or known, but his ideas, and also his friendship with, and influence on Steinbeck (and Joseph Campbell a… mythologist… just google it… fascinating man too), his love and study of coastal habitats are absolutely genial.  The whole book is a wonderful eulogy to this man and it really makes you want to have known him.

I’m so glad I stumbled on this book.  If you like Steinbeck’s writing (Ed is a major inspiration for ‘Doc’ in Cannery Row, for example), if you’re interested in ecology’s theories, in coastal habitat and exploration and travel… this book is for you.


Problem is… now I want to read Steinbeck again.

Sigh.  So many books, so little time…

Right, this lot should keep you busy for a while… I’m off taking all Christmas stuff down today.  Big job.  Urgh…



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