I don’t know about you but this time of year I feel the total urge of purging my cupboards, to sort out the unwanted things, the old clothes, the out of date food and spices… to get rid of the superfluous and the useless, the unused and the extra.  January is for cleansing.   I really love a tidy drawer or cupboard, I feel a sense of deep satisfaction to know that behind those close doors everything is folded and in order, everything in its place and a place for everything.  Even if I’m the only one who knows that… in fact that makes it more special.

Mr M is an ‘outside tidy’… he needs to see clear surfaces and cupboards are to hide things.  He’s a “piler upper”…  he makes piles on top of piles to deal with the mess.

You see,  outside of cupboards is a different story, I’m not so fussy and my ‘mess tolerance level’ can be quite high..a good psychologist would have a field day, I’m sure, in trying to explain that one, in the meantime I’m tackling one cupboard at a time and today … was the pantry one…

Oh boy.

A part from the crumbs I had to shovel out of it… what a nightmare… so many things  had ‘got stuck at the back’ and … had died a lonely and miserable death of neglect and disregard.


So many weird jars I don’t even remember buying… old flour, old biscuits, old sauces…

I also realised I’ve been baking with ‘really’ out of date yeast… which obviously still worked because the cakes always turned out fine so I was in two mind about keeping it… in the end I figured now that I knew the truth… it would have ended up badly so off into the bin it went.

But now look at that cupboard!! isn’t it a sight for sore eyes?  Look! no crumbs, no upside down cereal boxes (why???), sweet with sweet, savoury with savoury.



I’m feeling so much better.

One cupboard down… gazillions to go.  The boys’ ones are terrifying and might be better kept for last when I’ve build up some sort of stamina.

Onwards and upwards.


3 thoughts on “– 2018/4 – urge to purge

  1. norahandmo says:

    I just ordered a box to keep my socks in order. It has 30 sections but I bet I still have too many socks! Probably lots I have forgotten about. But biscuits? Never forgotten in this house!
    Happy new year x


  2. driftwood says:

    I threw away some five year past their sell by date things at the weekend if that makes you feel any better….


    1. Good to know I’m not alone…


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