Really good 2nd day of the year…

We chartered the hotel boat ‘Horizon’ for a day around the Atoll and the weather was good today too. (Can’t say it was brilliant all the time…)

(And you can tell from the boys’ body language how happy they are to pose for a photo… ‘eye roll’… do your children complain about photos too?  And then complain that there’s not enough photos of them in the end of year book?  Can you ever win as a parent?)


(cheesy boy band of the 90s photo coming up… steady yourself…)


A huge pod of spinner dolphins kept us entertained for ages, jumping and swimming along the boat. There’s something really compelling and magical about dolphins, isn’t it?  Some how they seem almost human in their behaviour…  And their little squeaky ticking sounds were brilliant.


Then the boys did the obligatory jumping off the boat… me? no thanks, there was a perfectly good ladder that worked wonders… didn’t see the point…


And after some great snorkelling along a couple of reefs (and turtles… so many turtles on this trip!  I didn’t expect it and I couldn’t have been happier, turtles are magic too) the boys did some fishing because boys will be boys, whilst me… not me… there was a glorious sunset and a perfectly comfortable sofa…

This is one of our catch, the dudes on the boat called it ‘banana fish’ (probably not its scientific name) and the chef back at the hotel cooked it for us… I wouldn’t call it a feast – skinny little fellow it was – but it was great to eat our catch.


See? What did I tell you about the sunset, don’t get them like this back at home.


We sailed back in the dark, a huge orange full moon lighting the way back at the resort, impossible to photograph but take my word for it, it was otherworldly.

A truly memorable day.



One thought on “– 2018/2 – postcard from Maldives

  1. Deb Cox says:

    Oh Monica, how very lovely (and envious) to see you post here again today. I use some of your beautiful pics for my screensavers and that sunset has made it to my screen. So incredible. Nice that the rain has left you so that you and yours can enjoy your outings. How absolutely marvelous. I am very envious sitting here in the cold, cold, and more cold (and snow) in Southern Ontario, Canada. You are my postcard to warmth and smiles. Continued happy holiday my dear.


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